Bob Slaughter / Chuck O’Conner – A Collaboration


Sep 02


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Bob Slaughter (
Indie recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Bob Slaughter serves up an eclectic musical palette, infusing world music – reggae, Celtic, and Afro-beat – with folk, rock, jazz, and Texas Swing, with a healthy dose of contemporary psychedelic sensibility & lyrical poignancy, following in the traditions of using music as a vehicle to spread peace, joy & love-consciousness, with reverence for our mother earth. After the wild outlaw rock/country days of the 70s playing with the Frisco Freewheelers, Bob went back to the land & explored the alternative hippy lifestyle – solar experimentation, organic agriculture, intentional community, having babies with midwives & reemerged in the 80s & 90s Austin reggae scene with Seventh Sinse & has come full circle to the eclectic music as a live-looping solo artist & with Laughing Waters, Ghost Jam Players & now a collaboration with Chuck O’Conner.
Chuck O’Conner
As a multi-instrumentalist working with Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Voice, Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass, and Resophonic Guitar Chuck has been a contributor to the Funk Sway Radio Show on, the nationally syndicated Stage Stop Ranch Radio Show and worked with touring and recording artists such as Peter Rowan, Neal Ford, Leeann Atherton, Michael James, Mau-Mau Chaplains, Gerry’s Kids, The Lotions, The Ash Family, Doc Toler, Bob Slaughter, Al Hospers’ Valley Horns, Heather Masse, Jed Wilson, Kevin Dolan, The White Mountain Boys, Arts in Motion, as a founding member of 
I-Tex and the Frontier Dub Boys and is currently touring with Austin based Big Mon (